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Fokker Services Signs 7-Year Overhaul & Repair Agreement with Collins Aerospace

Fokker Services, an Independent Aerospace Service Provider, has now entered a 7-yearoverhaul and repair agreement with Collins Aerospace.

Fokker Services, an Independent Aerospace Service Provider, has now entered a 7-year overhaul and repair agreement with Collins Aerospace. The diverse pneumatic capabilities at the Fokker Services Americas facility in LaGrange, GA, ensures full reliability of well-established aircraft platforms. This includes the Airbus A300, Boeing 747 and 767, Embraer ERJ135 and ERJ145, and Fokker 50 and 60. This new contract highlights the organization’s expertise in the aerospace aftermarket sector, and builds on its history of providing high-quality maintenance programs through OEM partnerships.

Craig Winter, Managing Director at Fokker Services Americas, said: “We have a truly diverse catalogue of pneumatic MRO capabilities. By supporting a broad mix of components for Collins Aerospace, we are their one-stop shop and simplify their supplier base when it comes to repairs. We are well equipped to take on a vast range of part repairs, all while ensuring a seamless redelivery schedule with our well-established supply chain network.”

Fokker Services Americas has a long history of providing pneumatic MRO services for its customers. The on-site state-of-the-art test stands, such as the Eddy Current Dynamometer Air Starter test stand, Air Driven Pump test stand and Air Cycle Machine test cell, help to cut down turnaround times and ensure those products are delivered in optimal airworthy condition. With a deep knowledge of long-standing component maintenance capabilities, the team at Fokker Services Americas leverages this expertise and transfers key learnings to provide excellent repairs for newer capabilities.

James Lyman, Director, Repair Services Supply Chain Management, Power and Controls of Collins Aerospace, said: “We welcome Fokker Services Americas to their expanded role as a critical partner in Collins’ third party MRO Network. Their broad range of MRO capabilities will support Collins’ strategy to manage the lifecycle of our products.”

Fokker Services has collaborated with Collins Aerospace for many years. In 2015, Fokker Services Americas became the official partner for on-site Ball Bearing Air Cycle Machine maintenance. Today, Fokker Services also has an MRO license agreement with Collins Aerospace for Mechanical Systems and Power & Controls products, as well as an OEM parts supply agreement with for Electrical Power Generation products. The relationship Fokker Services maintains with worldwide civil aviation authorities such as the FAA, EASA and CAAC further facilitates this continued partnership.

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