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Ministry of Defense of Peru and Fokker Services Group sign agreement to strengthen Navy aircraft capabilities

June 9, 2023

Lima, Peru - In order to enhance the maintenance and operational capabilities of the Peruvian Navy's Fokker 50 and 60 aircraft, the Ministry of Defense and Fokker Services Group have signed a specific agreement for industrial and social compensation (Offset).

The agreement was signed on June 9th at the Callao Naval Air Base in Peru, by the Minister of Defense, Jorge Luis Chavez Cresta, and the representative of Fokker Services Group in Peru, Hugo Carrillo Chávez. The signing ceremony was attended by Commander General of the Navy, Admiral Alberto Alcalá Luna, along with other officials from the Ministry of Defense and naval officers.

Minister Chavez Cresta highlighted the significance of this agreement, stating, 'This important partnership will ensure the safe and reliable operation of the Peruvian Navy's aircraft, optimizing their operational capabilities and military actions.' He further emphasized that these aircraft not only contribute to national security and defense but also play a crucial role in disaster risk management.

The Offset agreement, titled 'Implementation of Capacities and Operation for Fokker 50 & 60 Aircraft,' encompasses three key activities. Firstly, it includes the implementation of the Electronic Flight Briefcase (EFB) in the aircraft cockpit, providing pilots with a comprehensive range of aviation data, enabling them to perform essential calculations such as performance data and fuel calculations more efficiently.

Additionally, the agreement grants access to the Continuous Airworthiness Service (CASA), which includes the technical and maintenance manuals of the aircraft along with their respective updates. This will significantly enhance the safety levels in the operation of the units.

Furthermore, through this agreement, Fokker Services Group will contribute to the establishment of a local intermediate maintenance workshop for Fokker 50 and 60 aircraft components, transferring knowledge to benefit the Navy.

In attendance at the signing ceremony were the Deputy Minister of Defense Resources, Ninoska Mosqueira Cornejo, and the Director of Industrial and Social Compensation Offset at the Ministry of Defense, Navy Captain (retired) Miguel Dulanto Carbajal, among other officials.

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Photo: courtesy of Ministry of Defense of Peru (MINDEF)