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Fokker Services Group and ADSE sign memorandum of understanding on aerospace solutions

June 19, 2023

Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, June 19, 2023 –Fokker Services Group (“FSG”) -a global leader in maintenance, modifications, completions, and conversions-, and ADSE Consulting and Engineering (“ADSE”), an independent consulting and engineering company, have signed a memorandum of understanding which paves the way for jointly developing innovative products and services for the aerospace defense and security markets. This step forward builds on a multi-year strategic partnership signed by both companies in November 2022, which laid the groundwork for future projects.

As a result of this agreement, the companies will collaboratively examine and investigate potential market opportunities and associated technologies in the field of various support services leveraging the extensive experience and capabilities from their combined Aircraft Design Organization Approvals (1). One of these includes aircraft conversion and completion services for air defense and security markets. These services involve completing and transforming aircraft for specialized defense and security purposes.

This announcement, made during the 54th International Paris Air Show, Le Bourget, Paris, France, was signed off by Roland van Dijk, CEO of FSG, and Ron van Baaren, CEO of ADSE. According to van Dijk, “our dedicated defense department has a long history of serving military customers and has a deep understanding of this sector. Combining our expertise with ADSE’s design capabilities makes the two companies stronger, and as such, will allow us to streamline the provision of support services benefitting the entire aerospace ecosystem”.

In turn, van Baaren mentioned that “this arrangement allows us to further develop our combined services to the industry, building upon the long-lasting and historically linked relation between both companies. A relation of which we are very proud of”.

(1) (Fokker Services BV, Fokker Techniek BV, and ADSE).

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