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Fokker Services Develops LPV Solution with ASL Airlines France

April 26, 2022

Fokker Services has developed its first SBAS Landing System (SLS) modification for Boeing 737NG aircraft. With this solution, operators can conduct approach operations down to Localizer Performance (LP) or Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) minima.

Fokker Services, an Independent Aerospace Service Provider, has developed its first SBAS Landing System (SLS) modification. With this solution, operators can conduct approach operations down to Localizer Performance (LP) or Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) minima. Fokker Services developed this modification in close cooperation with ASL Airlines France for Boeing 737NG aircraft.

Ed Bakkum, Sales Manager at Fokker Services, said: “Together with our partner, ASL Airlines France, we are proud to have developed a new SLS solution. With our extensive modification design experience, we have created a system that features an ILS look-a-like interface for crew. This ensures straightforward pilot use and training - a perfect fit for any Boeing 737NG operator.”

Philippe Porte, Technical Pilot at ASL Airlines France, added: “I am very enthusiastic about the Fokker Services LPV system and its ease of use. The ‘ILS look-a-like’ interface concept is not just a name or a marketing concept, it is a fact. With the Fokker Services LPV system, it is as easy to fly an LPV approach as an ILS approach. This similarity will reduce the crew training costs for the LPV approaches that will become the standard in the coming years.”

As of January 25, 2024, all instrumental runway ends within Europe, where appropriate Satellite-based Augmentation System (SBAS) coverage is available, must have an LPV-based approach. Aircraft will need an approach type that matches the airports and must therefore have LPV capabilities if flying an LPV approach. Fokker Services’ standalone solution requires no changes to the aircraft’s existing avionics architecture, and offers the same minima as ILS CAT I. If required, the modification can be incorporated during scheduled downtime over a set of installation steps.

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About ASL Airlines France

ASL Airlines France is one of the top French airlines, based in Paris-CDG, and the heir of the prestigious Aéropostale. For more than 20 years, ASL Airlines France has been providing a passenger airline service for the main French and European tour operators.  The company has built its reputation on a flawless quality of service aimed at meeting its customers’ needs and to strengthen and maintain a high quality of service to its customers is the permanent objective of ASL Airlines France.

ASL Airlines France is a member of the international group ASL Aviation Holdings, a global aviation group with operations on 6 continents. The group has 5 airlines in Europe, cargo airlines in Thailand and a low cost passenger airline in South Africa. Humanitarian flights are operated in Africa using a fleet of civilian Hercules aircraft. ASL has a fleet of 140 aircraft ranging from the ATR 42 turbo prop to the Boeing 747 and has 2,500 staff globally of 52 different nationalities.

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