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Quality Engineer (Junior)

We're actively searching for talented individuals to join our team as Quality Engineers at our dynamic facilities in Hoofddorp and Oude Meer. This role offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to the implementation and enhancement of our quality systems at Fokker Services Group.

  • 1 year contract
  • 40 hours a week
  • 1 HBO+
  • 40 Vacation/ADV days per year
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How you keep the engine running with us

As a Quality Engineer, you will evaluate and maintain the quality systems implemented by the Fokker Services Group and propose improvements to these systems. You will ensure that Fokker Services Group complies with all regulations and industry standards required by customers and aviation authorities. You will have frequent contact with operational departments and suppliers and be part of the Global HSEQ team (Health Safety Environment & Quality).

How you are valuable to us

• At least a completed Bachelor's degree in a technical field.
• Professional proficiency in the English language.
• Analytical skills, ability to work in a process-oriented manner, decisiveness, and good communication skills.

Employee Quote

As one of the major independent players in the aerospace industry, we handle a diverse range of aircraft types. From commercial airliners to specialized military vehicles, each kind of vehicle finds its way to us, making our work both varied and challenging

Danny Vos

Danny Vos
Aircraft Mechanic

Employee Quote

We consider diversity and inclusion incredibly important; we believe that everyone deserves a fair chance. As the saying goes, diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance as well. This is what Fokker Services Group stands for

Didier Soesman

Didier Soesman
Talent Aquisition Consultant

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Where you will be working

A company with over a hundred years of experience, innovation, knowledge and expertise coursing through our veins. Our cross-departmental approach and tailor-made solutions are making their mark on the future of aerospace innovation. With our welcoming and friendly culture, we are more than just colleagues. We are a team of friends committed to both fun and development in the workplace. This enthusiasm and ongoing performance development ensures that our employees commit to Fokker Services Group for the long-term. 

We are pioneers and we are dauntless. It's no coincidence that we're a global player in the field of aircraft maintenance and advancement. Together with our keen and initiative-taking colleagues, we work on the most innovative and advanced solutions aiming at creating a more sustainable and optimal aerospace sector. We continue to push the boundaries of possibility. And that's how we make sure we keep aircraft where they belong: in the air! 

What we offer

• A competitive salary matching your knowledge and experience;
• 27 holiday days and 13 ADV leave days per year (when working fulltime, 40 hours)
• A challenging international working environment;
• Professional and personal growth opportunities and a lot of autonomy.
• Company laptop and phone;
• An insider’s look into the innovative world of aviation;
• A lot of room for professional and personal growth;
• Fun colleagues (trust us, we’re not biased).

Ready for take-off?

How we fly through your application 


  1. The telephone interview

Our recruiter will get in touch with you. Immediately providing the opportunity to make each other's acquaintance. 


  1. Initial on-site interview with your prospective manager and a team member

Now's the time to really get to know each other. We look forward to meeting you at our office where we can engage in an in-depth conversation with you.  


  1. Second on-site interview with your prospective manager

Time to get down to the business in hand. You and your prospective manager will delve deeper into the salient points relating to your possible new job and discuss any future ambitions.  


  1. Screening 

ITAR screening is applicable for some positions. Should this be the case, you will be informed in due course.  


  1. Job offer 

Yes please! If both parties are equally enthusiastic, an appropriate job offer will be forthcoming in fitting with the position and your level of skills.  

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