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As a business, we have strong relationships with thousands of customers, suppliers and contractors globally. Our people are key to those relationships and are the reason for our success. We can only continue this success if we encourage employees to reach their potential, foster teamwork and collaboration, and celebrate individual and team achievements. We aim to do this in a safe and fair environment and with a workforce that reflects the diverse communities and culture in which we work. A safe and fair environment can only be created by conducting business in a proper and responsible way and in full compliance with all national, international rules, regulations and values, which apply to companies conducting international trade.

Compliance with regulations includes:

  • avoiding conflicts between our personal interests and those of the companies of Fokker Services Group
  • competing fairly
  • not bribing people or accepting bribes
  • maintaining high standards of accuracy and integrity in our business records
  • protecting our company assets and personal information
  • complying with international customs, sanction- and export control laws
  • treating our suppliers, customers and partners with fairness and integrity
  • respecting and protecting our safety, health, and environment
  • complying with international airworthiness regulations
  • ensuring diversity and inclusion, and respecting international regulations on human rights, such as anti-discrimination, modern slavery, and human trafficking
  • compliance with applicable (Military) Security requirements

Violations of these requirements may not only result in serious consequences for our companies and the employees involved, but it may also provide unwanted advantages to our competitors or, in case of export control or sanction violations, to unfriendly nations and, as a result, harm the international economy, security and safety. We have therefore implemented an extensive Ethics and Compliance Program.

All our employees and representatives are trained and made aware of their own role in our Ethics and Compliance Program, and our Senior Management is committed to provide sufficient resources and expertise to ensure compliance with the applicable regulations on a continuous basis.

In addition, we expect our suppliers and contractors to always act in accordance with our Supplier Code of Conduct, conducting business with integrity and in a responsible, ethical, and sustainable manner.

Supplier Code of Conduct

We invite you to download and read the Fokker Services Group Supplier Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct (pdf)

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